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Winter has hit with abandon catching some of us unprepared for the cold. For some reason we tend to hide in our warm homes and before we know it we can get very lonely. Perhaps you need an incentive to get up off the couch, pop on a warm coat, brave the cold and head to join like minded people like you in celebrating being retired and having time to chat, complain about the cold and enjoy the company of others.

If this is sounding like you I have just the group for you.

We are a group of around 60 active retirees, some semi retired, who get together the second Thursday of each month. We meet at the Grovedale Community Hub at 0930 for a 1000 start. Following a short meeting we break for morning tea where we have the chance to catch up with each other before we have an invited speaker entertain and inform us prior to heading off for lunch.

During the month we have many activities which you can choose to join in.

They include a walking group, morning melodies, coffee mornings, lunches, movie nights, restraurant dining, short bus trips and once a year a longer trip over 5 to 7 days. Plans are still being made for this trip which should be happening mid September or October.

So doesn’t that sound better than hiding inside.? What are you waiting for? My name is Vivienne Buchanan my mobile number is 0458 288504 and I would love to hear from you.

Vivienne Buchanan
Grovedale Marshall Probus

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