Mustafa Noori

I am Mustafa Noori, 23, and I’m from Afghanistan. I lived as a refugee in Pakistan since I was 10 until my dreams were answered when my family and I, consisting of my mother and other 4 brothers, came to Australia in 2017. I finished my year 12 in Pakistan and could not continue my education due to the difficulties we faced as refugees.
At the age of 7, I started to draw different things; from trees to animals, from people’s faces to nature, and so on. At the beginning I tried to hide from my family and friends that I draw, but after a few years passed I was encouraged by people to draw professionally. This was a dream that I never believed I could make real. This is because, I used to work tirelessly after school to help my family financially and I never could dream of having basic materials to paint properly. I used to collect recyclable rubbish to use for my painting because I was not able to afford to buy painting materials.
But everything changed when, after ten years, my father could sponsor us to join him in Australia.
I want to continue my drawing and education here in Australia, because I believe that this land is the land of possible things.
Mustafa exhibited his work at Grovedale Community Hub in 2018.